It's never too late to start taking care of yourself and to improve your health in a safe way. I want to talk about one of the main reasons that affect your health - cholesterol.

There are so many unhealthy foods in the modern world that maintaining the necessary level of cholesterol is becoming harder and harder. Since lowering cholesterol through the diet is difficult to control, a simple and natural way was created. All you need to do is to include LowL into your daily diet (read The results will be great!

Cholesterol is an important connection when it comes to hormones, but it also helps in the overall development of your body. In addition, cholesterol allows cells to function in a better manner and even helps the body to produce very essential vitamin D. read...


Cognitive Decline Occurs

In the beginning, you seem to forget about some little things. You may start cooking, hear the phone ring, get distracted and remember that you have turned the stove on only after you notice the burning smell in your kitchen. You may start losing your way in conversations. People have to repeat what you have just said. You may encounter some other unpleasant events such as forgetting friends' names, losing keys, difficulty following a story in a book. If you go to your doctor, you risk being diagnosed with a cognitive decline, like this

The condition of cognitive decline occurs due to some factors. First of all, your arteries harden with age, and your brain is not as supple as earlier. Cognitive decline is considered to be a normal symptom of getting old but it is very disappointing. It means that your brain cannot work well any more. Opposite to cognitive impairment, which is usually caused by some disease, brain damage, or an increased level of cognitive decline, cognitive decline is a result of aging of neurons. Although this condition is usually associated with aging, its exact cause is unknown. Cognitive decline can be the result of an individual's environment, improper nutrition, etc. Due to the lack of certain elements and enzymes, the brain becomes unable to function effectively. read...


Hormone Balance

Hormonal balance plays an important role for a healthy mind and body, but it can be suffer due to different factors. Hormone fluctuations may happen naturally because of menopause, puberty, and perimenopause, or may be caused by an unbalanced lifestyle or toxins. To prevent hormone imbalance it is good to understand them. When a woman has a proper hormone balance she thinks better, feels better, and will not suffer from breast cancer. So, what are the causes of hormonal imbalance? It can be caused by aging or menopause. Hormone levels in a female body may be altered with the change of life, because of unhealthy habits or premature aging, so

High risk of having breast cancer and adrenal hormone balance play also an important role in hormone imbalance. These risks can be controlled with exercise we get, food we eat, toxins we have and weight we gain. These numerous factors impact female hormone picture greatly, particularly at midlife when the adrenal glands alter their functioning. Probably, stress takes a central position in our life and health, because cortisol, a stress hormone, determines total production of hormones. When the female body produces too much cortisol, the amount of progesterone is decreased causing hormone imbalance in the organism. Prolonged stress makes our muscles melt, our bones tear up, and our strength and energy are significantly lowered. read...